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The bathroom is an essential part of any building. Wether you are entering a private home or office building, the bath or restrooms reflect what kind
of building you're in and significantly impacts, not only the comfort but the general impression of the building of it's visitors. That places great demands on design and it requires a personal touch to design a space that gives off ana ir of cleanliness, hygiene, functionality and accessibility. The quality of this room sends a clear message to the users of the state of affairs in a building. For these reasons, today's bathrooms are given the highest priority. The main focus is directed towards form, function and quality. All d line accessories for the bathroom, washroom and shower are simple and based on impeccable design solutions, intrinsic functionalism and installation techniques developed through years of invaluable experience. Hygiene and maintenance are prevalent concerns in the products' design phase and installation and maintenance is kept easy, which is paramount, particularly in a commercial setting.

d lines's bathroom series is all-inclusive and also includes a line of products to accommodate the need for easy access for the disabled. The products in this line remain decorative whilst focusing on user friendliness and all meet the requirements of design, while providing for the diverse and challenging needs of people with disabilities.

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